Technical ceramics for cutting technology


Cutting technology – Cutting is a process which involves separation of the workpiece without the formation of chips. Tools include cutting blades and shears. These tools make use of the resistance to wear of ceramic materials in order to withstand the abrasive wear, but also thermal and chemical stresses resulting from the material which is to be cut. Ceramic cutting blades are distinguished through good cutting properties (low cutting force) and good edge-holding properties (change in the cutting force over the cumulative cutting life).

The result of the cutting operation is in many cases a critical quality criterion for the workpiece and is largely influenced through the geometry of the blade. On the one hand this should be robust, i.e. chipping should be avoided. On the other hand, it should also be sharp in order to keep the required cutting pressure low. A high cutting force should be avoided, in order to protect both the material which is to be cut as well as the tool.

The cutting properties of blade depend on the geometry of the cutting edge. This is determined by the cutting radius and the cutting edge surface. Through its roughness, the latter determines the friction and thus influences the cutting force required. Contrary to popular belief, the material of the blade also influences its cutting properties. Properties such as hardness and strength influence the cut through contact tension.

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