CFC components for applications with extreme requirements

Extremely light and at the same time extremely robust: These are the requirements which are placed on components in the automotive industry, in the aerospace industry and now also in numerous other sectors of industry.

CVT’s products which are manufactured by means of Chemical Vapour Infiltration fulfil these extremely demanding requirements and are therefore used in precisely these industries, whether these components are mass produced or manufactured individually according to our customers’ specifications as a prototype or individual part.

Applications for products made of carbon fibre reinforced composites:

  • C/C brakes and friction linings  
  • C/C couplings
  • C/C slip ring seals
  • Screws and dowels made of C/C
  • Nozzles for aerospace applications
  • Basis material for composite materials consisting of carbon fibres and ceramics (CMC)  
  • Electron absorbers