CVT your specialist for Chemical Vapour Deposition, Chemical Vapor Infiltration & Technical Ceramics

Where industry encounters chemical and physical boundaries, CVT develop solutions which make it possible to work at the limit. The CVD and CVI processes make it possible to manufacture ceramics and carbon which are highly resistant and capable of withstanding enormous forces.

Through Chemical Vapour Deposition, CVT produce high-performance ceramics, from PBN crucibles and components to ceramic coatings and heater modules. These components are used in the manufacture von photovoltaic panels and OLED materials.

The CVI process, or Chemical Vapour Infiltration, is used to produce composite materials made of carbon (C/C), whereby gaseous carbon is transformed into a lightweight, heat- resistant and extremely abrasion-resistant material. This creates a carbon material which is used in brake discs or brake pads in Formula 1 vehicles or as nozzles or CFC components.

CVT are also specialists in the field of technical ceramics and for example offer dowels made of these. In particular, oxide ceramics such as aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide and silicon carbide or silicon nitride are used.


CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition

CVT manufacture components such as crucibles, dishes or finished plates and rings made of pyrolitic boron nitride or pyrolitic graphite by means of Chemical Vapour Deposition.

CVI Chemical Vapor Infiltration

In the field of Chemical Vapour Infiltration, CVT manufacture carbon fibre reinforced carbons (C/C) for applications involving high friction and high temperatures.

TECHNICAL CERAMICS Chemical Vapor Deposition

In addition to products of our own manufacture, CVT offer technical ceramics made of aluminium oxide (Al2O3), zirconium oxide (ZrO), silicon nitride (SiN) and similar materials.

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Large quantities of exhaust gases containing methane are generated during the production of carbon fibre reinforced carbons. With a newly developed technology which we have developed in collaboration with our partner ETOGAS, we are now able to recycle these exhaust gases again for use as process gas. This pilot project saves valuable resources and protects the environment. It was supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs together with Bayern Innovativ.



CVT are a leading manufacturer of components by means of chemical vapour deposition (CVD and CVI). These technologies make use of chemical and physical phenomena in order to manufacture ideal products for our customers. Both research and also innovative sectors such as aerospace and semiconductor and photovoltaic technology require highly pure materials with outstanding thermal stability. CVT fulfil such requirements with their “Gas to Solid” process.

Your progress is our aspiration

Our aim is to continuously develop our expertise further. For this reason, rather than being content to rest on our current state of knowledge, we promote progress through different development programmes. We contribute our know-how to both sponsored and bilateral projects. For example, we develop technologies and materials in cooperation with our customers and partners.

Project themes include:

  • New heating technologies for CVI
  • New improved material properties for PBN
  • New technologies for raw materials