HI-Technology Following the example of nature

The development of HI technology has its origins in nature! In mountain streams, for example, hollow eddies form which ensure that oxygen enters the water to support the self-purification process. In the HI process, the water is accelerated by a pump in a specially shaped reactor to up to supersonic speeds and then redirected. This results in a dynamic interaction of centrifugal forces, shear stresses, friction, cavitation and negative pressure.

As a result:

  • organic contaminants such as germs, viruses and bacteria are destroyed without residues
  • viscosity is improved and surface tension is reduced by up to 40%
  • the enrichment of the water with e.g. ambient air is additionally promoted
  • heavy metals and chemical compounds oxidized and removed

The effectiveness of Hydro Intelligence systems has been confirmed by numerous laboratory tests.

Mechanisms of action and operation

By means of a pump (> 3.5 bar), the water is fed into a reaction chamber and brought into rotation. Due to the inner contour, the rotation speed increases.

At the reversal point, enormously high relative velocities occur between the water streams. These mechanical forces have a decisive influence on the comminution of organic materials. High pressure differences as well as the flow velocities at the reversal point result, among other things, in the cavitation effect (local pressure surges of over 1000 bar), which also destroys microorganisms.

The laval nozzle located in the reaction chamber is designed in such a way that a negative pressure is created at the narrowest point of the nozzle, in the center of the water vortex (sonic flow). Microorganisms, which have an internal cell pressure, burst in it and die. Due to the oxygen dissolved in the water, bacterial fragments are broken down without leaving any residues (calcium oxidation). In addition, the negative pressure generated is used to draw in oxygen from the ambient air, and is also used for caloric oxidation.

It is also possible to suck in active oxygen as an additional oxidant to achieve even better results with high loads in the water! With the help of further additional modules, e.g. an electrolysis, heavy metals and chemical compounds can also be both oxidized and recovered. The effect of these modules is significantly improved here!

The Hydro-Intelligence technology in the result:

  • Degradation of organic pollutants: Germs, viruses and bacteria are destroyed without residues
  • increase of oxygen & nitrogen content by 4-5 times
  • the surface tension is reduced by up to 40% and the viscosity is significantly improved
  • the existing biofilm in the pipe network is dissolved; a new germination is thus reduced, up to permanent prevention
  • savings in the irrigation of food and fertilizers
  • lower energy consumption in the transport of water and other liquid media
  • the washing effect of water is increased, and surfactants are saved
  • the cooling of water happens much faster
  • improved flotation behavior for the recovery of very small particles (microplastics, etc.)


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