Applications Hydro-Intelligence-Technology

Drinking water systems

Legionella, E-coli and other bacteria are considered a serious health hazard. Hydro Intelligence systems offer a simple and sustainable solution and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, e.g. drinking water pipes, water tanks, etc.

There is a latent risk of legionella formation in the hot water circulation pipe due to biofilm. The HI system can sustainably break down both the biofilm and organic contamination such as germs, viruses and bacteria in the water. Unlike other known disinfection systems, the HI system works without chemicals and without expensive filter units that have to be replaced regularly.

In addition, the biofilm in the pipes is broken down in an absolutely natural way (flushed / dissolved and rinsed out by "thinner" water), and the build-up of a new biofilm and thus the growth of microorganisms is prevented in the long term.

In case of pollution such as heavy metals or chemical compounds, these can be converted (oxidized) and filtered out of the water with the help of an integrated electrolysis. Through the use of a UV emitter, the safety can be additionally increased.


Enormous amounts of water can be saved and recycled in almost all manufacturing processes. For example, in car, parts and bottle washing systems, etc., significantly lower disposal costs can be achieved by keeping all water-bearing systems free of germs and saving on surfactants with better washing behavior (approx. 70%).

HI technology is also convincing in metal recovery (chrome, silver...) during flotation through enrichment with oxygen, for example, for the removal of microplastics. Our innovative Hydro Intelligence is successfully applied in numerous other areas of industry!

Cooling towers

Cooling towers are the most common cause of deadly Legionnaires' disease. Bacteria proliferate in cooling water systems, and operators are therefore required by law to meet stricter, hygienic requirements. Water treatment is at the heart of this regulation.

HI systems prevent biofilm, which is considered to be the cause of Legionella formation in cooling towers, without the use of chemicals.

By treating the cooling water with the HI system, the biofilm in and on the water-bearing elements and pipes is broken down in an absolutely natural way by being undermined / dissolved and flushed out by "thinner" water. The build-up of a new biofilm and thus the growth of microorganisms is prevented in the long term.

Further advantages of the HI system:

  • Due to the changed viscosity (thinner water = smaller droplets), the water has a larger surface area and can cool down faster. This results in a higher cooling capacity.
  • Larger HI systems can increase safety, save costs and promote environmental protection in power plant cooling towers worldwide. 


Fresh / drinking water


Biobeds are flushed out and prevented in the long term, thus guaranteeing that the so-called bunker tanks (water reservoirs) and pipe networks remain germ-free. Due to the increased oxygen, the water is always kept "fresh". The existing alternatives chlorine and UV ensure sterility, but do not prevent odor formation and biofilm.

Ballast water

Ballast water is considered a threat to the marine environment, so ballast water treatment for ~40 GRT vessels is regulated by law as of 2017. The aim is to prevent the exchange of organisms between the oceans by ships. The HI systems are convincing due to their simple installation and minimal operating costs. Organisms in the ballast water are reliably degraded.


HI systems ensure faster separation of water and oil and can deoxidize heavy metals in bilgewater.

Waste water

HI systems as the core of decentralised, on-demand wastewater treatment:

  • Solids are separated more quickly
  • Organic pollutants are broken down
  • In addition, heavy metals and chemical compounds can be oxidised and removed by means of integrated electrolysis.

Furthermore, HI technology allows additional active oxygen to be sucked directly into the reactor and better dissolved in the water. The wastewater is thus purified even better in a natural way.


HI-Systeme sind die perfekte Ergänzung der Umkehrosmose als dominierendes Verfahren. HI-Systeme holen in der Vorfiltration kleinste Schwebteilchen aus dem Wasser und verlängern so die Standzeiten der Membran.


Zusätzlich sind erhebliche Energieeinsparungen durch die verbesserte Viskosität, und um bis 40% geringere Oberflächenspannung („dünneres“ Wasser) möglich. Bei der Meerwasserentsalzung wird normalerweise ein Druck von über 70 bar benötigt, der durch unsere außergewöhnliche Technologie entsprechend verringert werden kann.

Gardening and landscaping

The advanced Hydro-Intelligence systems are already finding a wide range of applications in horticulture, landscaping, food, ornamental ponds, swimming pool technology, etc.


  • Algae decomposition and prevention of general organic pollution
  • Reduction of cleaning expenses and prevention of organic deposits
  • Degradation of plant protection products (pesticides) according to EU regulation as of 01.01.2018
  • Potentially faster plant growth

Fire protection

Our innovative HI technology is also used in fire fighting and fire water tanks.

In firefighting, chemical additives are often mixed in to reduce surface tension so that the water can be absorbed faster and deeper into the fire material. HI systems improve the viscosity of the water. The surface tension is reduced by up to 40% without chemical additions. This significantly reduces extinguishing water damage and disposal costs.


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