Technical ceramics for packaging industry


Packaging technology uses ceramic components for filling goods and for sealing the packaging.
In many cases the packaging is sealed by means of welding (covers / foils, e.g. coffee pads) or by sealing the container with a foil (yoghurt pots). Accordingly, a sealing head insulation needs to be temperature-stable. Thermal insulation is advantageous in order to focus the energy on the operation. However, use is also made of the functional advantages of technical ceramics in the manufacture of metallic cans in forming, deep drawing and welding the cans, or in sealing them by means of seaming rolls.

Dosing pumps and dosing sliders are used for the filling of liquid / paste-like goods. Ceramic components allow a high dosing accuracy to be reliably achieved. The high resistance to wear of ceramics permits reliable operation and prevents contamination of the product. Their resistance to hot steam means that they can withstand sterilisation during the cleaning process. Zirconium oxide is the suitable material for this application.