Technical ceramics for foodstuffs industry


Foodstuffs industry â€“ Ceramics are frequently used in this industry due to their biocompatibility and food-safe properties. The material is used in dosing sliders, dosing units, valve needles, valve seats and guides, grippers and limit stops, but also forming tools.

  • Food processing: As a rule, this involves the processing of very large quantities. 24/7 plant running times are not uncommon. These operating conditions require extreme resistance to wear, since a production shutdown involves considerable costs. Products such as coffee, tea or tobacco are very abrasive. Fruit acids are so aggressive that they actually attack stainless steels.
  • Food packaging: Ceramic materials are frequently used in tools for processing containers. Cans are processed using CVT GreyCer® forming rolls, since vinegar can cause wear on stainless steel. Our customers also rely on our seaming rolls for sealing beverage cans or cans of food, since these only display a very low tendency to build up material deposits (pick ups) and thus, without requiring maintenance, achieve very much longer service lives than coated rolls.